Founded in 2003, Prime Solutions excels in Computer Network Operations (CNO). As experts in tools, tactics, and techniques used in Cyber warfare, we provide a diverse service offering for our clients. Altamira’s recent acquisition of Prime Solutions will enable us to greatly broaden these offerings and will accelerate our joint strategic objectives of delivering world class solutions to the national security market.

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Altamira Technologies Acquires Prime Solutions

Altamira Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of technology solutions to the US Intelligence and Defense Communities, announced its acquisition of Prime Solutions LLC, a Columbia, MD-based cyber operations company supporting various customers in the United States Intelligence Community.
“We’ve built a mission critical offering over the past decade and I couldn’t be more thrilled to capitalize on the synergy of joining Altamira,” said Paul Barsotti, Prime Solutions’ CEO. “The combination
of forces represents a true differentiator to our customers and to our employees. Our mantra of Key People in Critical Places remains true and now we, together, have the scale to expand.”

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What does the acquisition mean for those interested in working for Prime Solutions?

Unlike most acquisitions where the acquired company is ingested into the acquiring company’s Culture, Processes, and Benefits, the Altamira acquisition of Prime Solutions is much different.  Altamira took the opportunity to see what made Prime Solutions successful and how to embrace the best parts of it.  This analysis resulted in adopting the Prime Solutions benefits package for the entire Intelligence Community effort at Altamira, as well as, transitioning operational control of Altamira’s Maryland Procurement Office Prime Contract to the Program Management Office at Prime Solutions. Potential new employees in the Maryland area should feel very excited with the opportunity to join our team.

What does the acquisition mean for Prime Solutions’ existing customers?

Our current and future customers get the best of two worlds.  They retain access to our industry leading Computer Network Operations technology, individuals, and cutting edge Cyber Internal Research and Development, as well as, gain access to Altamira’s efforts in Big Data Analytics, Mission Application Development, and Multi-INT Analysis.

What are the biggest post acquisition changes for Prime Solutions?

With the benefits remaining the same and the leadership untouched, the biggest changes for Prime Solutions are:

• The opportunity to bring more technology to our customers

• The opportunity to export our Cyber expertise to more/new customers

• The opportunity to provide a more seasoned management process to programs we prime In essence, the acquisition allows us to fast forward through what most likely would have been five to ten years of organic growth and do more things, for more people, now.